Our Post Membership

Currently our post has a member count of 250 VFW members, 150 Ladies Auxiliary members and 25 Men's Auxiliary members.

The easiest way to become a member is stop by the Post with a DD 214.  Then fill out a small form and pay with a check.  Whatever organization you are trying to join will vote on you at their next meeting.

Meetings are posted on our Facebook page.

Become a VFW Member:

Benefits for Members:

  • The camaraderie and fellowship that comes with being part of the nation’s largest group of combat veterans
  • Assistance securing the benefits you’re entitled to as a veteran
  • Discounts on numerous insurance and health care plans
  • More Benefits

Membership Dues:

  • Become an annual member of the VFW for only $37.00 per year.
  • Make a one-time payment to become a Life Member of the VFW, or take advantage of our 12-month installment plan. 
  • More Information

Apply Now:

Legacy Life Members:

Explanation of Benefits
Available to all Life Members

As the name suggest, Legacy Life Membership enables you to leave a legacy to your Post and Department, as funds will be broken down yearly and given to the Post and Department, but there are also benefits to you personally.  The information below breaks it down into the 3 levels of Legacy, (Bronze, Silver and Gold).  In order to be a Legacy Life Member, you first have to be a Life Member.


All Ages/Fee$400.00$800.00$1200.00

Plated Engraved Legacy Life Member CardXXX
Legacy Life Lapel Pin in Level ColorXXX
Legacy Life Hat Pin in Level ColorXXX
Distinctive Emblem & Supply Line for Legacy
Life Members
Emblem & Supply Discounts (For Personal Use Only, for 1 year)5%10%15%
Framed Certificate for Legacy Life MembershipXXX
Increased level of No-Cost Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance$2,000$3,500$5,000
Recognition on Internet & Convention ProgramXXX
Recognition at Kiosks at Memorial Building in
Washington D.C. and Museum at National Headquarters
Special Plaque XX
Lifelong Memories Discount 50% off
50% off
Personalized Brick at Centennial Plaza  X
Annual Endowment: Post$6.00$12.00$18.00
Annual Endowment: Department$6.00$12.00$18.00

Each year, your post will receive two membership rebates for your membership. One for being a “Life Member” and another for being a “Legacy Life Member”.

Unlike the Life Membership where the Post no longer is the recipient of an annual dues rebate when a member passes, the Post continues to receive a return of dues from National for Legacy members who pass thus leaving a lasting positive impact on the Post‘s financial well being. The Legacy Membership is tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. Like the Life Memberships, an installment plan is available. This is a great way to continue giving to the Post and to VFW long after you and I are gone and have left the Post to the next generation of veterans.

You can get with the Post Adjutant for becoming a Legacy Member, or go to VFW.org and setup a payment plan to have this paid in four quarterly payments.

Apply Now:
  • The person the legacy membership is for, must already be a VFW Life member.
  • Apply Online Here  or
  • Fill out this form and do it via mail

Become a Ladies Auxiliary Member:

Benefits for Members:

  • Discounts on numerous insurance and health care plans
  • Travel and shopping discounts
  • More Benefits

Membership Dues:

  • Become an annual member of the VFW for only $17.00 per year plus a one time $8 fee for new members.
  • Make a one-time payment to become a Life Member of the Ladies Auxiliary. 
  • More Information

Apply Now:

Become a Men's Auxiliary Member:
          The Men's Auxiliary is a new idea.  At this point they are post specific, with no national center.  With the number of female soldiers increasing in recent years, the number of men wanting to do something as part of our organization nationwide has also increased. 
          This is a great time to join this organization and mold it's future.  The current dues are $27 for the first year and $25 a year after with no lifetime memberships available.